Installation with Spikes

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  1. Lay the shutter face up on a clean, flat surface.
  2. Measure 2 inches down from the top of the shutter and up from the bottom of the shutter and mark a spot in the center of the side rail. Mark each side rail at the center/center. (SEE FIGURE #1)
  3. Drill a 5/16” inch diameter hole at each of the marks. (SEE FIGURE #1)
  4. Position the shutter on the house next to the window. Using a suitable marker, mark the mounting hole locations on the building.
  5. Remove the shutter and, where marked, drill a 5/16” inch diameter hole through the Wood, Vinyl or Aluminum siding only. *Do not drill into the wall*
  6. If the wall is Wood
  • Drill a 1/4” inch diameter hole, 2 1/4” deep into the wall.

If the wall is Masonry or Brick

  • Drill a 1/4” inch diameter hole, 2 1/4” deep into the wall.

*Note: A concrete anchor is not recommended when using shutter spikes*

  1. Position the shutter on the house next to the window. Place shutter spikes in each pre-drilled hole.
  2. Using a hammer, gently tap in each shutter spike, until all shutter spikes are started. Then finish tapping them all in.       *BE CAREFUL NOT TO TAP THEM IN TOO FAR!*
  3. Repeat this process for all remaining shutters.

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